Icon Painting Class for Children

Children & Iconography: Icon Painting Class for Children

Icon Painting Class for Children
Icon Painting Class for Children

Your Children will be a Part of History Learning the Ancient Art of Byzantine Iconography

Benefits of Icon Painting Class for Children:

  • Learn Medieval Art History
  • Deepen Faith & Spirituality
  • Acquire Discipline, Focus, & Concentration
  • Learn to Paint using Time-tested Methods
  • Create Memories that Last a Lifetime

The Icon Painting Class for Children teaches children the time-honored art of Byzantine Iconography using traditional methods and techniques. In addition to painting icons, students will learn the history, symbolism, and meaning of icons. The Icon Painting Class for Children will help students gain a greater sense of history, philosophy, and spirituality while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

“Thank you for being a spectacular teacher. Ever since second grade, I have looked up to you and your artistic skills. You have taught me so much about art, and have helped me improve my artwork. Over the years, I have watched my artistic skills flourish, and I owe it all to you. I still remember some of the projects I did in your class, from the prints we made in second grade using cardboard and string, all the way to the icon you helped me create this year.” – Erin M, Grade 8

All materials are included in the price of the icon painting class for children.

Icon Painting Class for Children includes:

  • Transferring drawing to the board
  • Acrylic preparation
  • Demonstration of Egg Tempera paint technique
  • Applying basecoat color (roskrish)
  • Highlighting the icon
  • Applying finishing details to the icon
  • Calligraphic inscriptions
  • Applying assiste and gold leaf
  • Varnishing of the icon
  • History of the Icon, Byzantine culture, and Medieval era
  • Symbolism and theology of the icon
  • Aesthetic philosophy

Advanced icon painting students will delve deeper into color theory, composition, creating antimony, as well as learning the traditional Egg Tempera Painting Technique.

Icon Painting Course fee: $245 per month
Entitles the student to two hours of instruction per week.
Classes meet in Pittstown, NJ

Discounts are available for groups.

Call to inquire: 908-304-5541

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Matthew began to learn the art of iconography when he started middle school, and by the time he graduated, he had completed three beautiful, prayerful icons. We proudly display his work in our family room, and every time I see them, I am reminded of St. Benedict’s rule of “ora et labora,” prayer and work. It inspires me to make my work a prayer. And I think that it also inspired Matthew that he could, like Mother Teresa, make “something beautiful for God.”
In a culture which increasingly settles for the mundane over the majestic and praises mediocrity over excellence, Fr. Vas’ work with his students in iconography and sacred art has reinforced the very real truth that beauty is a work of God. He encouraged his students to stretch beyond their “comfort zones,” and unlocked for them a lifelong love for God, expressed in art form. For my son to learn these lessons at such a young age is something for which I will long be grateful. – Laura Williams – Parent

Icon Painting Class for Children - Grade 8
Icon Painting Class for Children – Grade 8

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