Icon Painting Classes in New Jersey

Icon painting classes beginning in Pittstown, New Jersey

NJ Council on the Arts award recipient, Vas Avramidis, will be offering icon painting classes in his Pittstown, NJ studio beginning in June 2014.

An Ancient Art in the Contemporary World: Icon Painting Classes bring history and theology to life

Learning to paint icons is like stepping back into time. Simple, traditional materials are prayerfully transformed into works of great beauty; painted in such a manner, icons have spiritual gravity, drawing to them people from all walks of life, and in turn directing them towards communion with God.

Icons are a spiritual art form that date back to the ancient Christian church, icons are a contemplative art that are open to anyone who approaches them with reverence and humility. Previous art experience or talent are not necessary to paint icons; all that is required is prayerfulness and reverence.

If you are interested in Icon Painting classes, or simply would like to learn more about the process, visit the Icon Painting Class page, or call: 908-304-5541

About Iconogapher Fr. Vas Avramidis

Fr. Vas is an Orthodox Priest, iconographer, and teacher. He has been teaching art for over seven year. Painting his first icon almost twenty years ago,  he has taught icon painting to children and adults with great results.  Fr. Vas holds a degree in art from SUNY/Empire State College, and is completing a diploma in Theology from the St. Elias Seminary in which he focused much of his studies on iconography.  Fr. Vas was awarded the Folk Arts grant for his work in iconography from the NJ Council on the Art in both 2013 and 2014.

One of Fr. Vas’ icons will be on display for the majority of 2017 at the NJ State Museum in Trenton.

“Thank you for being a great teacher. You made the last three years something to remember. Art class with you was always exciting and I learned so much. You pushed me to be a better artist and never let me give up. Icons were one of my favorite projects. ” – Julia B., Grade 8

Learn to Paint Icons in NJ .:. Icon Painting Class NJ
Learn to Paint Icons in NJ .:. Icon Painting Class NJ

Icon Painting Classes in Flemington, New Jersey (NJ)

2 Replies to “Icon Painting Classes in New Jersey”

  1. Jennifer Azer

    Do you still have iconagraphy classes offered in 2018? My sister is enjoys amatuer iconagraphy but would like more training.

    • Vas

      Yes….we offer continual classes in iconography. All lessons are private one-on-one classes that can be started at any time. Please call me at 908-304-5541 to learn more.

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